The Trinidad and Tobago District NMI Council held their annual Missional Rally on September 15th at the El Socorro Church of the Nazarene. The theme was ‘Nazarene Missions – A movement of God by the people of God’. Three methods of missions were highlighted:  compassion, evangelism and education, through videos, dance and songs. Representatives from 20 of the 27 churches in Trinidad were present during the event, amounting to about 120 people.

The feature speaker was Rev. Dr. Orlando Seale, President of CNC. He highlighted the characteristics of a movement of God. A prayer was also offered for the nations, in particular for the Bahamas, by Rev. Donnamie Ali.

The Work and Witness Coordinator, Bro Greene, shared on the team’s recent trip to Dominica and their plans to go to Bahamas next year.

A fun segment was arranged which included a celebrity game of Wheel of Missions (a wheel of fortune styled game), where the contestants were local Pastors, Rev. Clifton Dupigny, Rev. Kwame Payne and Rev. Rian Williams. The host was the District SDMI Director, Sis. Cindy Ann Collymore.

A lot of positive feedback was received from Presidents and Pastors indicating that the session was inspiring, encouraging, informative and fun.