Across the north and south west districts of Peten, Guatemala, more than 60 persons received the “Evangelism with Passion” training, facilitated by Mr Nelson Valencia and Mr Roger Lemus during the month of September.

On September 18th, 40 persons participated in the training in the north district of Peten while on September 20th, a further 23 persons were trained in the south west district of Peten.

The Evangelism Ministry of the Mesoamerica Region has used the book “Evangelism with Passion” to train approximately 500 persons in districts of El Salvador, Guatemala, Panama, Nicaragua and the Caribbean since the beginning of 2019.

The book is available in Spanish, English and Creole and in its ten chapters addresses themes such as: the fundamentals of evangelism, the evangelism model of Jesus and Paul, urban perspectives, motivation to fulfil the Great Commission, among others.

The regional ministry plans to carry out training in all areas of the Region, challenging participants to do evangelism naturally, as a part of everyday life. It also plans to share strategies for taking the message of the gospel to the cities given their rapid growth.

“There are still many districts left but the team is motivated, the districts are waiting and the Holy Spirit is working so that together we do Evangelism with Passion,” said Jerson Chupina, Regional Evangelism Communications Coordinator.

Source: Jerson Chupina, Communications Coordinator for the Mesoamerica Region Evangelism Ministry and NYI.