As a way to protect the environment, volunteers from the Nicaragua North District planted some 2500 trees of various kinds at the new district center. The district center property is nearly 7 acres in the community of La Rioja.

Since October 11, every Friday an ecological and environmental team comprised of 40 volunteers from the Somoto Church of the Nazarene, including pastors, youth, adults and children, met to clean, plan and do maintenance on the property. Their tasks included working grass clippings into the soil as a type of natural fertilizer to avoid burning it and contaminating the air.

“The greatest difficulty we have in this summer season, which stretches from November to April, is that to keep the forest alive, we have to water at least two times per week. We have a well, but we do not have an irrigation system,” said District Superintendent Denis Espinoza. He hopes to continue this project to benefit the community.

Source: Rev. Denis Espinoza, Nicaragua North District superintendent