The 5th and 9th of November were very special days for the Guatemala North Verapaz Nazarene District as more than 300 people received diplomas for participating in workshops that prepared them to better serve in the areas of evangelism, worship, and Sunday School and Discipleship. 

On November 5th 86 pastors received diplomas for their participation in the training for evangelism. This consisted of 5 workshops over a period of 5 months. During this time they received techniques to optimize the church’s work of evangelism. The training additionally covered three important aspects: mission planting, evaluating the health of a church, and holiness small group movement.      

On November 9th, 150 young people received diplomas as worship ministers. This training was led by pastors in conjunction with the district Nazarene Youth International (NYI). 

Also on that day, more than 150 Sunday School and Discipleship teachers received diplomas for their training coordinated by district leadership. Some topics, among other workshops, included: knowing one’s textbook and how to teach a class in 45 minutes. 

“Thanks to the power of the Holy Spirit the church has entered a movement in which Christians are serving with passion and preparedness to do good work in the Lord. All honor to our Lord Jesus,” said District Superintendent Francisco Cho Si.

Source: Francisco Cho Si, Guatemala North Verapaz District Superintendent.