On Monday, November 11th, 2019, the second edition of Nazarene Day was held in a gymnasium in Baie Mahault, Guadeloupe. For this event, the four Nazarene churches met with over 250 members, followers and visitors.

For a good coordination, the churches were represented by colors: red, blue, green and yellow. A good organization was put in place by the Coordinator and his pastoral team together with the association Grain de Blé.

The theme of the day “Let’s Rise and Build the Church” challenged the four churches gathered emphasized by the well developed message of the guest speaker Pastor Pierre Louis. The morning session ended with a Bible Quiz that was won by the team from Belle Plein, the reds who were rewarded with a cup. After lunch, the afternoon session started and ended with good, happy sportive activities.

The day ended with a moment of prayer and thanksgiving.

“God is faithful! The District Superintendent Daniel Blaise and the Zone Coordinator Pastor Roger Baltus are pleased with this beautiful meeting. We are thinking of the 3rd Edition”. Said Deborah BLAISE

Source: Deborah BLAISE