The Mexico Oaxaca Northwest District held its 12th annual district assembly on Nov. 16-17.   It was a time to celebrate, give accounts and seek God’s direction. The event was held in the Center of Praise and Proclamation Church of the Nazarene (CAP).

The districted reported advances, which included organizing four new churches. This brings the total to 59 organized churches led by 110 ministers. Twelve of those ministers were ordained during this assembly. The district also received 44 new licensed ministers.

During the ordination ceremony, the general superintendent in jurisdiction, Dr. Carla Sunberg, encouraged the church to care for its new elders. She also encouraged their spouses to take their spouse’s call from God as a blessing. Finally, she encouraged the candidates for ordination to receive their call with joy and to fulfill in their ministry the charge in 2 Timothy 4:5. “But you, keep your head in all situations, endure hardship, do the work of an evangelist, discharge all the duties of your ministry.”

“We are very motivated as a district to continue the work to win Oaxaca, Mexico and the world for Christ. For that reason we have accepted the challenge to win 5,000 people in the next year, establish 10 new churches, and collaborate in a significant way with the World Evangelism Fund,” said Rev. Natalio Cruz.

The assembly closed with words of thanks from District Superintendent Rev. Elías Betanzos Luis. “I thank every one of the leaders of our denomination who have guided and supported us in this challenge, the members of the boards that make up our district, for their collaboration and commitment to this project. I especially thank all of the pastors who take on the growth and the development of the church every week . . . Thank you to my church and the leadership team for your patience and constant help. Thanks to my family for supporting in every instant the great call that God has given us, and thanks to God for his mercy to call me to the pastorate, (and for) giving us dreams that today we see completed, remembering that the best is yet to come.”

Source: Rev. Natalio Cruz