The Mesoamerica Regional Advisory Council (RAC) held their annual meeting October 9-10 in Panama City, Panama.  Regional ministry coordinators, field strategy coordinators and the regional director all gave their reports to the council.

The RAC includes both clergy and lay people from the region elected during the General Assembly.

During this time, the RAC interviewed three missionary couples in order to recommend them to the General Board to be commissioned as global missionaries.

Source: Ana Zoila Diaz de Marciaga

Regional Advisory Council (RAC). A region may have a Regional Advisory Council whose responsibilities will be to assist the regional director in strategy development for the region, review and recommend approval or disapproval of national board minutes before forwarding to the office of the general secretary, interview missionary candidates for recommendation to the General Board for global appointment, and receive reports from the regional director, field strategy coordinators, and ministry coordinators.

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