The first service of the year at the mission-type Church of the Nazarene in the Boca Chica, Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, was a celebration that sought to attract people in order to share the gospel with them. The goal of the leaders was to begin the year with new disciples for the Lord.

They held the service on January 5 outside of the church building.  Some 150 people, including children and adults, met in the street to worship the Lord with praise songs and to hear a message from the Word of God.  Seven people accepted Jesus as their Lord and Savior.  The pastors of the congregation, Alexandra Gautreaux and Joán Paulino, have planned visits to begin discipling the new converts.  Four of them asked the pastors to share a devotional time in their homes with their families.

¨All of this is possible because God has allowed it, and we declare that this will be the year of multiplication from God for us. We will grow, we will strengthen ourselves, and we will be filled with wisdom under the covering of the grace of God, as is says in Luke 2:40,” said Pastor Alexandra G.

At the end of the activity, Pastor Joán Paulino prayed and thanked the Lord for the people who were present, and especially for the seven people who gave their lives to the Lord.

The mission-type church celebrated its second anniversary on Dec. 3.  It has 22 members and 32 children in attendance.

Source: Alexandra Gautreaux, pastor of the mission-type Church of the Nazarene in Boca Chica, Dominican Republic