On January 18, twelve couples from Costa Rica’s Central District of completed the first stage of training to develop the family care ministry in their local churches. The couples were trained by the regional coordinators of the Family Care Ministry of the Church of the Nazarene of the Mesoamerica Region, Reverends Irene and Miguel Garita.

The twelve couples will develop the ministry in their churches through the family discipleship program that was developed by the regional Family Care Ministry. Psychologist, Rev. Miguel Garita said that the program arose after a study conducted with psychologists and pastors of the Church of the Nazarene in the Mesoamerica Region who identified nine significant areas with the most common conflicts within families. These conflicts are: domestic violence, addictions, economic problems, communication problems, parenting, physical illnesses, emotional illnesses, psychosexual adjustments, and infidelity. Through the program, these areas of conflict can be confronted and reconciled and can also be developed as a program to prevent them from flourishing. The program duration is two years.

The district ministry of Sunday School and Discipleship (SDMI), together with the Garita’s leadership, has planned to make the next few days “the launch” where they will teach couples how to conduct a training event from beginning to end. Another (future) stage will be to help each couple specialize in specific subjects according to the experience and preference of each couple.

“Our main objective has emerged after thinking about all the needs that families face today; we know that they face many challenges in an increasingly sick and lost society,” commented Yorleny Herz, District SMDI President. He added, “if we manage to give them holistic help through different themes and activities, we will see healthy families and therefore a healthy church.”

Source: Yorleny Herz Goyenaga, District SDMI President of the Costa Rica Central District.