Isaiah 26:3 “You will keep in perfect peace those whose minds are steadfast, because they trust in you.”

If we look at our lives, our family, children, marriage and imagine the future, although everything might be going well for now, we can’t help but feel some uncertainty as we think, “Will our children complete their studies and become successful?” “Can my family continue to live happily?”

No one knows what the future holds, and we can have expectations of the future that are either good or bad depending on our life experiences and what we have learned in the past. This all shapes the way we think. If we come from homes where there is conflict, or if we have had negative experiences, in most cases, we will look to the future with fear. This is influenced even more by the times in which we now live where there is more violence, economic and social problems, a loss of moral values, and generally it is a society that does not promote anything good. However, we live in that society and we must face life with hope. According to the verse cited above, this hope is for those who have faith in God, that He will take care of us and this gives us peace. It does not mean that we will not go through difficulties or experience pain in our lives. It means that in the midst of that difficulty, pain or crisis, God will put peace inside of us, peace in our homes, peace in the minds of our family members, peace to withstand and to emerge victoriously from the suffering (everything is for a time and will surely pass), peace to take control of our pain and confusing feelings.

When faced with a crisis, many people become angry, grumble and complain to God. They move away from Him and blame Him for everything, forgetting to remain steadfast in His word. This is why we must teach our family to persevere and to have faith because God’s promise is to give us peace, a peace in the midst of the storm and, when it is over, we will come out not only victorious but stronger because the peace of God is real in us.

Dear friend, if you are going through a difficult time, remain steadfast in Christ. He will give His peace in those difficult moments and not only will you be able to bear what you are going through but you will be able to see a better future, even though we live in the midst of a society where there is much uncertainty. GOD WILL ALWAYS TAKE CARE OF YOU AND ALL WHO ARE YOURS.

May God help you in all that you do today.

Dr. Miguel and Irene Garita. Church of the Nazarene Family Care Ministry, Mesoamerica Region