The Church of the Nazarene in Puerto Rico held a Cross-Cultural Orientation, CCO, with 22 persons aged 17 to 65 participating in the event. The participants were members from 8 churches in the country’s two districts.

The event took place from 10th – 12th January and was organized by leaders from Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, Guatemala and the USA.

“With Puerto Rico being impacted by a magnitude 6.4 earthquake which left thousands homeless 3 days before the event, the faith of the organizers and participants was put to the test,” said Javier Otero. He also commented that the island was without water and electricity, nevertheless the event continued without any problems.

It was a time of learning through workshops and the Word of God. Three of the participants who were pastors testified about how important it is for the pastoral body to be involved in missions.

15 people took part in interviews and orientation towards the development of existing mission opportunities.

One participant, Frances Medero said, “I can see several possibilities and opportunities that God has for me.”

Sandra Lugo, a lawyer and participant at the event noted, “God showed me that I must work for Him and look to the cross, not to the ways of others.”

“Nazarene mission consciousness is imbued in all aspects of this event. They never cease to amaze me. As a pastor, I felt extremely honored to be part of this movement. Every Nazarene should experience a CCO”. Commented participant and pastor Jorge Cádiz.

Source: Javier A. Otero, Global Missions member in Puerto Rico East District