The Church in the north of Nicaragua celebrated the organization of a Church-Type Mission in the community of El Rodeo, Somoto, with a special thanksgiving celebration. The new church is called Josué (Joshua) 1:9.

The celebration took place on February 16th with the participation and support of the members of the Segunda Bendición (Second Blessing) Church, which is the mother church of this faith community.

Josué 1:9 has 24 full members, 10 associated, and an average Sunday School attendance of 25 people.

The district superintendent, Rev. Denis Espinoza, said that the church renewed its commitment to fulfill the mission to “make Christlike disciples in the nations”; to cultivate the vision of being a living, holy, united, and growing church; and, at the same time, to be faithful to its essential values.

Source: Reverend Denis Espinoza, Nicaragua North district superintendent