Through Nazarene Compassionate Ministries (NCM) in the Olmeca District in Mexico the churches of the district are joining together for the “Evangelistic Table” project, providing basic necessities, counselling and prayer to the church and community.

The project started on April 5 and involves setting up tables with essential items on the outside of churches or houses of church members in order to share those items with persons in need and also, to allow those who would like to, to donate food. Each table acts as a point of connection as counselling and prayer are made available as well and there is a box where persons can place their prayer requests.

“We were in prayer and we felt in our heart the need to do something to share with others, something that would let people know that the churches were present and that Jesus was still looking out for them! Yes, the buildings have closed but the church must show the love of Jesus,” explained Ana Candy Castro, NCM Coordinator for Olmeca District.

The churches in the district have been invited to participate, like links in a chain, by collecting and disinfecting the items, donating or sending monetary contributions to purchase items and providing places where tables could be set up. Pastors, intercessors and psychologists were also invited to participate and provide support to persons as requested.

The leaders of the team have said it is important that their volunteers do not have any symptoms of COVID-19 and stated that they are following the measures outlined by the regional Nazarene Compassionate Ministries.

So far, 55 packages have been handed out to persons from the church and the community, including to a 16 year-old who takes care of his younger siblings but is without a job and to a single mother who had no food in her cupboard. Also among those assisted was an older gentleman who had been selling his belongings in order to buy food – he was very interested in attending the church when everything goes back to normal.

To date, 4 churches have joined the project and the Evangelistic Table is in place in 4 areas.

A group of intercessors made up of pastors, church members and leaders, including the District Superintendent Reverend Aner Castro, was created on WhatsApp to pray for the requests collected. A group of 6 volunteer pastors was also formed to provide counselling via telephone and 10 volunteers have made themselves available to do different jobs such as going shopping for vulnerable persons. “We have them in Coatzacoalcos city and we are praying for God to raise up links in other cities since seniors who live alone can no longer leave their homes to get medicine during this time,” said Ana Candy Castro.

NCM District Coordinator, Ana Candy Castro ended by saying, “Thanks to each person who has joined the project, to church members and pastors alike and to sister Julissa Contreras Dominguez, District NMI President, who is working together with us.”

Source: Edi Montejo, NCM Mexico