Kelyn Barrera is a single mother. She is 28 years old, deaf, and lives in Santa Tecla in El Salvador. Her life drastically changed during the quarantine period (for COVID-19) when the father of her daughter, who left her when she was pregnant, decided to take their 4-year-old daughter Dora*. He then said he wanted her to “grow up and talk normal”. For a month and a half, her little daughter’s absence affected her greatly but with the help of the authorities in her country, she managed to get her daughter back.

Milagro Cruz is a member of the Monte Carmelo Church of the Nazarene in El Salvador. She met Kelyn some time ago, and they have been getting close. This was how she became aware of some of Kelyn’s needs, such as clothes and shoes for her little daughter. She collected these along with some other things to support this family that has been through difficult times. They received the gifts with joy and gratitude. Dora, who also speaks sign language, was very grateful for everything she received.

“We pray that God will meet the health needs of this family, we also pray for their protection and salvation”, said Cecilia de Diaz, coordinator of Gift of Love Nazarene International Ministry, who also shared photos of Dora’s happiness when she received this gift.

She also said that Milagro and the family are getting closer and she is learning sign language to improve communication.

“I think Milly (as she is affectionately known) is being touched by God because she has been in contact with several deaf people. I think that God is working in Milly’s life. She is a young woman willing to serve.”

Source: Cecilia de Diaz, Coordinator of Gift of Love Nazarene International Ministry, Central District in El Salvador

Dora* fictitious name