The Church of the Nazarene’s Global Missions office recommended 24 missionaries for commissioning during the 97th General Board 28 February held virtually.

These missionaries have each been serving in long-term strategic assignments in diverse settings around the world. The commissioning of missionaries is a recognition of the life and call of the missionary, an indication of the missionary’s willingness to serve wherever the church needs them, and an affirmation of their service into the future.

3 of the 12 couples were commissioned as missionaries with global assignments to serve on the Mesoamerica Region. They are Roger and Damaris Kellogg, Wilfredo and Ana Zoila, Marciaga and Eliezel and Tammy Soto.

Roger and Damaris Kellogg have served together as missionaries in Guatemala since 2016. Roger serves as the North Central Field Work and Witness coordinator, and Damaris serves as the compassionate ministries coordinator. They have two daughters. Their home church is on the Intermountain District. The Kelloggs are being commissioned as missionaries on global assignment to serve the Mesoamerica Region.

Testimony: Being confirmed and commissioned as Global Missionaries was another step in our service to the Lord. A testimony of God’s promise that He will never leaves nor forsake us.  Having the church come behind us in this matter is not only a blessing but a commitment of our lives to be fully devoted to serve the Lord.   From the very beginning we sensed God’s call in our lives, he affirmed that He will be with us in this journey and would provide what we needed to fulfill the call in our lives.  It is wonderful to share this with everyone that has walked in this journey with us, our family and our home church and the wonderful people we have met along the way.  They have believed in us and have walked with us with their prayers and support both for our families and for our ministry.  It is wonderful to have the body of Christ coming along in mission with us.  It is a privilege for us to be serving in the Mesoamerica Region and its our desire and prayer to serve 100% in the place where God has placed us today, serve the church, the people and the communities showing God’s love and allowing God to use us to spread the gospel and disciple those that He brings into our lives.  We thank the Church of the Nazarene for their faithfulness in giving and praying making it possible for us to serve as missionaries, we pray God’s blessing upon the church.

More than anything else, It is our desire and prayer that our girls continue to follow Jesus with all their hearts and doing his will while we serve and that they will never walk away from the Lord.  That we will always be in tune to God’s will for our lives and the ministry that He has entrusted.  For wisdom and that we see what His heart sees being sensible to the needs while empowering those around us.

Wilfredo and Ana Zoila Marciaga have served together as missionaries in Panama since 2017. Wilfredo serves as the regional literature coordinator, and Ana Zoila serves as the regional director’s secretary, regional secretary, and regional general assembly coordinator. Their home church is on the Panama Central and Guatemala Central Districts. Wilfredo and Ana Zoila are being commissioned as missionaries on global assignment to serve the Mesoamerica region.

Testimony: We are grateful to the Lord Jesus for the precious privilege he gave us in giving us the opportunity to serve him on the global mission. Many years ago we said yes to the Father, one of us in our respective countries, when he told us that he wanted to use us. Then Him joined us to serve him as a missionary couple. God called us and now our beloved church gives us the privilege of being commissioned as global missionaries. For us, this privilege that the Church of the Nazarene is giving us, affirms our lives to continue serving the Lord by sharing the gospel message and developing Christ-like disciples in the nations. We thank the Church of the Nazarene in General for continuing to believe in missionary work, because from the local to the global church we can feel loved and strengthened by their prayers and their fidelity to God through the WEF. God deserves all the Glory and praise in our lives.

Eliezel & Tammy Soto have served together as missionaries in Panama since 2016. They are co-coordinators of work and witness in Panamá. They have three children. Their home church is on the Dominican Republic Central District, and Eastern Michigan District. The Sotos are being commissioned as missionaries on global assignment to serve the Mesoamerica Region.

What was supposed to take place in South Korea 1 year ago, took place in our own home digitally! This past Sunday we were commissioned as Global Missionaries of the Church of the Nazarene. It is only by the grace of God that we were blessed with this opportunity. For years we have served the church. In fact, thanks to Nazarene missionaries in the DR many years ago, Eliezel’s parents heard the gospel and started a new life in Christ. At the age of 13, Eliezel knelt before an altar and gave God his All. He didn’t have much to offer to God at such a young age, but he gave God his heart and asked him to use it. He grew up in a poor neighborhood, full of drugs and bad examples. This is a true testimony that no matter where we come from or how much we have or don’t have, that with a willing heart, God will use us for his glory!  God has been so faithful to us!  He was faithful in allowing Eliezel and Tammy’s paths to cross in his perfect timing.  Years ago, Tammy decided to step out of faith and get on a plane to serve in missions with Eliezel and see where God would lead their life together.  She left everything she ever knew and trusted God by taking that step of faith.  Only by his strength and mercy have we come this far.  God has been so faithful in reaching out and helping us learn so many things.  It has not always been easy, but we have always had the peace of mind that we are exactly where God wants us.  And that is priceless!  God has always provided all of our needs and more. We have so many loving people in our lives who have supported us in so many ways.  We wouldn’t be here without all of you!  We have met so many beautiful people on this journey and we love that we literally have friends like you all over the world!  God is very good! So we leave you with one of Tammy’s favorite phrases: “God doesn’t always call the equipped, but he certainly equips the called!” We are full proof of this. We are just two ordinary people who have trusted God with our hearts and our lives.  Don’t be afraid to give God your all!  He will take you on an incredible adventure that you never thought possible!  God blesses!

Lift up in your prayers each of these couples that were commissioned.  If you would like to get to know them better and more about their ministries you may do so here. Watch the service posted here.

Source: Mesoamerica Communications and Nazarene News.