Some 18,000 members of the 109 churches which make up the Nazarene district of Verapaz North in Guatemala came together for a period of prayer, fasting and preaching of sermons from the Nazarene discipleship plan, The Journey of Grace.

The conference began on August 29th and will end on October 3rd with a celebration when participants will join together to cry out to the Lord, asking for His Spirit to be poured out on the entire church.

District superintendent, Francisco Cho Si, said the leaders are motivating the church to involve more than 20,000 persons. Everyday more people will join in, asking God for a revival in the church in this time of pandemic.

“We praise God because the churches have gotten involved and the pastors and ministries have participated passionately, and we are seeing wonderful results,” said Cho. “God is moving in His church. The testimonies confirm that God listens to the prayer of His children.”

One of the churches giving God thanks is Damasco Chamisun y Chiquic Carcha where three young people, among others, decided to follow Jesus for the first time. The pastors of the church have said that this is the result of prayer and fasting.

Source: Francisco Cho Si, Superintendent of the Verapaz North District, Guatemala