Hundreds of Nazarenes in the Windward Island District Join The Annual NMI prayer walk

Three hundred believers of all ages from the Windward Islands District embarked on the annual NMI Prayer Walk on Sunday, June 9 in the St. Lucia Zone and Monday, June 10 on the Grenada and St. Vincent Zones. The walk took place in the area of View Fort on the St Lucia Zone, while those [...]

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Church Unites for 40 Days of Prayer and Pentecost Celebration

Every year regional Nazarene Missions International (NMI) encourages congregations to join in 40 days of prayer leading up to a celebration on the day of Pentecost. May 1 – June 9, NMI shared daily prayer requests to leaders by email and through social media to encourage them to join in prayer during this time.  They [...]

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First Children’s CCO Held In Mexico Olmeca District

The Mexico Olmeca District hosted 14 children for its first Children’s Cross Cultural Orientation at the Coatzacoalcos Church of the Nazarene on April 25-27. Six district leaders along with six other adults led the activities. “The children were very impacted by what it is to be a missionary in the Church of the Nazarene, and [...]

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Trinidad and Tobago Kids Take A CCO “Missions Cruise”

The Trinidad and Tobago District NMI hosted 52 children at a Cross Cultural Orientation for Children on April 12 during the annual Children’s Bible Camp at the Victory Heights Bible Camp Site in Arouca. The goal was to educate children about missions, inspire a passion for missions and encourage them to participate in praying for [...]

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Costa Rica Holds Its First National Ministry Congress

The Costa Rica Church of the Nazarene held its first National Ministry Congress, April 5-7, in which district superintendents, pastors, and both district and local leaders in NYI, NMI, SSDMI and NCM all met together. The San Pedro de Poás Church of the Nazarene, part of the Costa Rica North District, hosted the event in [...]