Puerto Rico West District Celebrates Graduation and Ordination

In December 2018, the Yahweh Shalom Church of the Nazarene in Dominguito, Arecibo, hosted the graduation and ordination services for the Puerto Rico West District. General Superintendent Dr. David Graves participated in both services. His wife, Sharon, accompanied him. Rev. Blanca D. Campos, District Theological Education Coordinator organized the graduation. Four students completed the Course [...]

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Nicaraguan Youth End the Year With “Contagion 2018” Camp

The Nicaragua Southeast District welcomed 50 participants to its youth camp, “Contagion 2018,” December 14-16. They participated in various activities Bible lessons and recreational time, including a rally and Nazagol. Twelve participants accepted Jesus as their Lord and Savior. Manuel Gonzales from El Salvador and District Superintendent Carlos Peña shared from the Word during the [...]

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Haiti Holds Pastors’ Conference

The Haiti Field for the Church of the Nazarene held a conference for pastors Nov. 5-8 at the Nazarene Seminary campus. Participants included 140 pastors from across the country and Jean Robert Maitre, who serves as president of the seminary. Field Strategy Coordinator Rev. Pierre Antoine Jacques organized the event. The presenters were Dr. Roberto [...]

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Central Field NMI Holds Its First Congress

Mesoamerica Central Field Nazarene Missions International hosted 115 participants at its first Congress, Nov. 2-3, at the Dominican Nazarene Seminary. Regional NMI Coordinator Ana Maria Crocker said that these events are part of an NMI strategy to develop leaders in local churches. District and local leaders from 12 of the 13 districts of the Central [...]

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Nicaraguan Pastors’ Kids Reminded They Are “Chosen By God”

The Nicaragua Central District held a retreat for pastors’ children with the theme “Chosen By God” at the Skylark Retreat Center, Nov. 3-4.   A total of 70 people attended, including children, youth and single adults between the ages of 5 and 35 years old. District Superintendent Rev. Maria Antonia Ponce organized the event. Rev. Paulino [...]

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