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Central Field

Formed by Costa Rica, Panama, Dominican Republic, Cuba and Puerto Rico. We’re working in appointing a FSC in the coming months. Meanwhile it will continue to be led by the Regional Office. The theological educational institution serving this field will be SENDAS.


  • Asamblea Distrito Central de Costa Rica 2019

Costa Rica Central District Celebrates 7 New Elders

The Costa Rica Central District met on Feb. 2 to celebrate its 47th annual assembly at the Los Angeles Church of the Nazarene.  District Superintendent [...]

Panama Central District Celebrates 4 Ordinations

The Panama Central District met for its 52nd assembly on Jan. 31 at the Wyndham Albrook Mall in Panama City, Panama. General Superintendent Dr. David [...]

Churches Unite to Feed Storm Victims in Cuba

After a tornado passed through Havana, Cubo on Sunday, Jan. 27, the Church of the Nazarene worked alongside other denominations to cook food and take [...]

  • Retiro de Santidad

Puerto Rican Celebrate Holiness Retreat

Some 60 youth from the Puerto Rico West District attended the Perfected Holiness Retreat from Jan. 11-13. The theme verse was 2 Corinthians 7:1. The [...]

  • Asamblea distrito Central Dominicana 2019

Dominican Republic Central District Celebrates its 43rd Assembly

Hundreds of delegates, pastors and visitors met at the Dominican Nazarene Seminary on Sunday, Jan. 21, to celebrate the 43rd annual Central District Assembly. General [...]