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It is a great privilege to serve in the ministry of Regional Evangelism, and it is my hope that you will receive all the help you need to facilitate evangelism in your ministry context. We have an incredible ministry team that is ready to assist with projects on national, Area, and Regional level.

Evangelism Workshops

      • Personal Evangelism
      • Holiness Campaigns
      • Integrated Ministry
      • New Church Development
      • District Organization
      • Refocus

Church Planting Strategies

      • Missional Zone Planting Project
      • Jesus Film Workshops
      • To Be Like Him
      • Each One Win One


Evangelism Materials

      • Training Manual Of Evangelism
      • Training Manual To Be Like Him
      • Training Manual Jesus Film
      • Training Manual EvangeCube/Cards
      • Training Manual Holiness Cube/Cards
      • Training Manual Evangelistic Campaigns
      • Training Manual Small Groups
      • Training Manual Spiritual Expedition
      • Book: Collision Between The Law and Grace
      • Book: Missional Zones
      • Book: Real Hope
      • Discipleship: To Be Like Him
      • Videos: Jesus Film Adult
      • Video: Jesus Film Children
      • Video: Jesus Film Magdalena

Evangelism Ministry Trips To All 31 MAR Countries:

      • WW IM National= Integrated Ministry Church Planting same country
      • WW IM International= Integrated Church Planting other Countries
      • WW JF Ministry= Integrated Church Planting with JFHP
      • WW JF Donor = Integrated Ministry trips with JFHP Donors
      • WW JF Premier Donor= Special Integrated Ministry Trip with a donor or donors.

Plans or goals for the future:

Vision 2013

  • Mesoamerica Growth Rate 7% Region wide
  • Area, Districts, Churches, Missions, and Ministry Departments
  • 12 New Volunteer Missionaries (Total 14)
  • 3 New Districts organized (Total 75)
  • 115 Missional Zones
  • New Country: Curacao (Total 2)Película de JesúsPelícula de Jesús
  • Project 28 Targets: Habana, & Curacao (Total 3)
  • 18,750 Decisions for Christ
  • 324,408 Full Members
  • 88,165 Associate Members
  • 412,573 Total Members
  • 266,053 Worship
  • 3274 Organized Churches
  • 283 Missions
  • 1593 Elders
  • 17 Deacons
  • 1547 Licensed
  • 97,000 NYI Members

Plan 2013

  • Mesoamerica Growth Rate 7% Region wide
  • Area, Districts, Churches, Missions, and Ministry Departments
  • 12 New Volunteer Missionaries (Total 14)
  • 115 Missional Zone Planter Projects
  • New Country: Curacao (Total 2)
  • Project 28 Targets: Havana, & Curacao (Total 3)
  • Reality Check Focus (Target Improvement):
  • Structure / Functional
  • Worship / Inspiring
  • Discipleship Groups /Effective& Vibrant

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