Hello everybody, thank you for visiting our space in the WEB. I give you warm greetings since our office is Panama City and as “The Americas’ Bridge” is in this beautiful country unifying both South and North Americas, our communications ministry is unifying our Mesoamerica Region as well.

We invite you to be part of our ministry from now on, “Welcome”.

My job as a Communications Coordinator started on March 2013.This is a big challenge, which I accepted trusting the Lord is going to do big things for His Kingdom through communications in our beautiful “Mesoamerica Region”. We are actually focusing  in getting ready our new image on the WEB, starting a new radio program for the family on “IDNradio”, we created our demo for “MESOTV”, and unifying and strengthen our team work as well.


Plans and future goals:

  • Among our plans and goals are:
  • Keep growing and updating our WEB, getting a total interactivity.
  • Producing new radio programs (pastoral, youth, children, women)
  • Producing new TV programs (youth, children, women, pastorals)
  • Realizing contests evolving different audiences and public.
  • Creating places for church on the WEB to get resources.
  • Creating news red among the region.
  • Opening our Radio in English.
  • Opening and growing “MESOTV”.
  • Getting everywhere on earth with this Holy Gospel.