On November 1, 2019, the first NAZA FAMILY DAY was held. This first edition of the event took place at the Martinique Institute of Sport in Lamentin and was organized by the association OSMOSE.

On this occasion, members and followers of the Church of the Nazarene of Morne-Venté and of Godissard of the Martinique Zone of the French Antilles and the French Guyana District were distributed in teams around various games.

Four teams competed: BLUE LEVEL, WARRIORS, TIGERS and WINNERS, putting their cohesion, cooperation and physical abilities to the test. These teams consisted of women, children and men.

According to Jean-François MONARD, president of the OSMOSE cultural association (Martinique zone), the event was intended to allow members of both churches to come together and enjoy themselves around sports activities and to get to know each other better thanks to the cooperative games.

The association would also consider opening future editions to other churches.

All the participants showed a team spirit, a great fighting spirit and a good humor.

This day ended with dancing and culminated in the announcement of the overall standings.

The BLUE LEVEL was named winners and rewards were awarded to the team members of the four teams.

Source: Axel MONARD – Communication correspondent for the French and Dutch speaking fields