Thursday, Oct. 1, Rev. Gedeón Solis López, pastor of the Tercera Iglesia del Nazareno (Third Church of the Nazarene) in Juarez, Mexico, received public recognition from the municipal authorities. The social media accounts for the municipality said, “The full municipal government government conferred the recognition for lifetime achievement in its 2020 edition to the minister Gedeón Solis López, who has worked for 39 years for the Juarez community.”

Pastor Gedeón, over the course of his service, has been part of various ministries, including Casas por Cristo (Houses for Christ), and La Alianza Ministerial Evangélica (the Evangelical Ministerial Alliance). In his local church he has served with the Ministerio Pan de Vida (Bread of Life Ministry), which provides breakfast for children with few financial resources, and Ministerio Maná Pan del Cielo (Manna Bread from Heaven Ministry), which helps people living in the streets.

Pastor Jonny Bernal expressed that Pastor Gedeón has been characterized by being a man of integrity, noble, and friendly. He has cared about and been busy with his family, his church, and the impact of both in society.

His son, Gedeón Solís Esquivel, pastor in the Cuarta Iglesia del Nazareno (Fourth Church of the Nazarene) in Juarez, said, “I thank God for the honor in life He has granted his children, for the quality of my father’s life, who with much love and dedication represents the Kingdom of Heaven here on earth.”

In the social networks of Pastor Gedeón we find the following: “Many times we work tirelessly helping and serving others without thinking of receiving any recompense, but God in his time uses people to encourage one’s effort, I thank God, my family and friends for all the help I have received, and I am very grateful to the municipality of Juarez for this recognition they awarded me.”

“Elder Gedeón Solis has been a blessing to his city, state and for all of Mexico,” Pastor Bernal said. “Let us pray for him, his family and his ministry! May God continue blessing and using him.”

Source: Jonathan (Jonny) Bernal, associate pastor of the Iglesia del Nazareno, Templo San Pablo (Saint Paul Temple Church of the Nazarene)