A significant donation of books and Sunday School material was made across the four districts of Nicaragua, as the Nazarene Publishing House aimed to strengthen the churches spiritually and doctrinally, as well as contribute to ministerial development.

Some of the titles received include: “Making Church Relevant”, “Manual 2017 – 2021”, “Pastor… Be Encouraged!”, “Paths of Truth”, “Lessons for Discipling Children”, “Biblical Maps and Diagrams”, among others.

In the north of Nicaragua, 55 pastors each received packages with the materials. “The enthusiasm, gratitude and impact on each pastor was evident,” said district superintendent, Denis Espinoza.

Pastor Gustavo Cruz, who pastors a church in the rural area, also expressed his sentiments: “Endless thanks to God for this great donation. This literature is going to help me serve better, prepare good sermons and provide quality teaching to our membership with kindness. May God bless those who made it possible for us to have these materials.”

Reverend Espinoza thanked Dr Roberto Hodgson and all those who collaborated in making the donation possible.

Source: Reverend Denis Espinoza, Nicaragua North District Superintendent

Translated by:  Zanelle Waterman