North Central Field

Previously named CA-4, it is formed by Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador and Nicaragua. We changed the name because it was creating confusion with the name of creative access countries. As of January 1, 2015, the new FSC is Rev. Leonel de León, based in Guatemala City. The theological educational institution serving this field will be the Guatemala Nazarene Theological Seminary.

Mesoamerica North Central Area Holds CCO

In June 2017, the North Central Area held a Cross Cultural Orientation (CCO) in Guatemala City. Twenty-three youth from Guatemala and El Salvador learned more [...]

Work and Witness teams work with the church and give testimony to the community

On July 1st, 2017, a Work and Witness team (W&W) from the church of the Nazarene in Springdale, Ohio USA, arrived in Puerto Barrios, Guatemala [...]

Mesoamerica Regional NYI Selects Area Coordinators

On June 26, 2017 during the conventions of various ministries of the Church of the Nazarene held in Indianapolis, Indiana, USA, the Mesoamerica Regional Nazarene [...]

First Event for NYI Communicators “On Air”

The first regional training event for Mesoamerica NYI communicators was May 12-14 in the Nazarene Theological Seminary in Guatemala. Thirty-two youth from Guatemala, El Salvador, [...]

The Church Unites with the Justice Movement.

The My House Church of the Nazarene in Guatemala City united with the Only Water justice movement promoted by Nazarene Compassionate Ministries and global Nazarene [...]