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North Central Field

Previously named CA-4, it is formed by Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador and Nicaragua. We changed the name because it was creating confusion with the name of creative access countries. As of January 1, 2015, the new FSC is Rev. Leonel de León, based in Guatemala City. The theological educational institution serving this field will be the Guatemala Nazarene Theological Seminary.

  • Contagia 2018

Nicaraguan Youth End the Year With “Contagion 2018” Camp

The Nicaragua Southeast District welcomed 50 participants to its youth camp, “Contagion 2018,” December 14-16. They participated in various activities Bible lessons and recreational time, [...]

Nicaraguan Pastors’ Kids Reminded They Are “Chosen By God”

The Nicaragua Central District held a retreat for pastors’ children with the theme “Chosen By God” at the Skylark Retreat Center, Nov. 3-4.   A total [...]

Churches of the Nazarene Unite to Feed Hundreds of Migrants

Churches of the Nazarene in the Guatemala West District joined together on Oct. 27 to share food with 900 people from the migrant caravan in [...]

  • Iglesia del Nazareno

Guatemala District Organizes 3 New Churches

The Guatemala Verapaz North District organized 3 news Churches of the Nazarene in the month of October. The churches are: Peniel Church of the Nazarene [...]

  • Iglesia ayuda a migrantes hondureños

Church of the Nazarene Serves Hundreds of Honduran Immigrants

Hundreds of Hondurans began walking towards the United States last week, hoping to pass through the Guatemalan and Mexican borders. Nazarene Compassionate Ministries in both [...]