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North Central Field

Previously named CA-4, it is formed by Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador and Nicaragua. We changed the name because it was creating confusion with the name of creative access countries. As of January 1, 2015, the new FSC is Rev. Leonel de León, based in Guatemala City. The theological educational institution serving this field will be the Guatemala Nazarene Theological Seminary.

Creative Evangelism Camp Held in El Salvador

The Northcentral Area held the third Creative Evangelism Camp (CEC) Apr. 19-21, this time in El Salvador. There were 29 participants from all 3 districts [...]

Pastoral Theology Program Begins at Guatemala Nazarene Theological Seminary

The Guatemala Nazarene Theological Seminary began a new, 3-year bachelor’s degree (Bachillerato Superior ) in Pastoral Theology on Apr. 2. It is a residential program [...]

Missional Zone Planters Receive Training in Guatemala

Between April 4 and 6 in 2018, training took place for Missional Zone Planters at the Convention Center at STN (Nazarene Theological Seminary) in Guatemala. [...]

Further Development for Missional Zone Planters

Between April 4 and 6 of 2018, further development took place for the Missional Zone Planters (MZP) in the Convention Center at STN in Guatemala. [...]

Noah Lobos, and the Progress of the Guatemalan Church

Noah Lobos is a Missional Zone Planter (MZP) in Guatemala. He has been working arduously in establishing many preaching points, using the Jesus Film as [...]