Do you feel like you are waiting for something? Are you waiting for a reason to get up in the morning? What if you could realize your dreams and God's dreams at the same time?

Call Waiting will show you that God has a plan for your life, and it will invite you to join him in discovering your place.

The author will help you find your call by working on such questions as:

  • What does a call look like?
  • How do I hear the call of God?
  • How do I know a call is from God?
  • What do I do with my doubts?

Table of Contents

Introduction—Can We Talk?

1. Everyone Is a Born Leader
2. But What If I Get Sick on Dumbo?
3. Doing Something Great for God
4. Don’t Be a Cow . . . Be a Rhinoceros

5. What About a Call to Full-time Ministry?
6. Biblical Examples of God’s Call
7. The Ride of Your Life
8. So, What Do I Do Now?

Conclusion—You Need a Pilot Light

You can download the electronic version at the Wesley Holiness Digital Library here or purchase a hard copy from the MAR Regional Discipleship Ministries Office.