These are the 2 books used for Children's Bible Quizzing Ministries.

The first book is Children's Bible Quizzing, Lessons and Questions - Matthew. This book is a guide for teachers of children. It is written to help teachers mentor children as they study together the Biblical book of Matthew. Each lesson includes a verse for memorization, a biblical commentary, a list of important words, and activities. Lessons also include a Bible story told in simple language. After the story, discussion questions are provided to encourage children to apply to life what they have learned. This guide also contains the basic instructions you will need to organize a Bible quizzing program for children. This program will challenge the children's knowledge of the biblical text. The competitive games will inspire children to study the book of Matthew. Each lesson includes basic and advanced review questions. This book also includes the Children's Quizzing Official Rules and Procedures, attendance sheet, and a sample score sheet for quiz competition.

You can download a sample of this book from this site. For more information on how to download the entire book, please write to:  This book is also available for purchase from the Regional Discipleship Office, or from from here.

The second book, Children’s Bible Quizzing Leader's Guide, Games and Activities - Matthew, uses fun games and activities to make learning God's Word so much fun. You can download this book from this site or you can buy the book through the Regional Discipleship Ministries office, or through here.


Children's Bible Quizzing - Games and Activities - MATTHEW (2018).pdfDownload 
Children's Bible Quizzing - Lessons and Questions - MATTHEW (2018) - sample.pdfDownload