Children's Bible Studies and Quizzing - Genesis (for children 7-11 years of age)

The Bible Studies of Genesis provides the foundation. They look at how God created the world from nothing, formed a man and a woman, and created a beautiful garden for their home. These people sinned, and they experienced the consequences for their sin. Genesis introduces the plan of God to reconcile the broken relationship between God and the people. It introduces Adam, Eve, Noah, Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. God made a covenant with Abraham and renewed that covenant with Isaac and Jacob. Genesis ends with the story of Joseph who saves civilization from famine. The famine compels the people of God to move to Egypt.

Starting from the playful principle (learning by playing), Children's Bible Quizzing - Activities consists of a series of games divided into the categories of memorization, reflection, arts and crafts, acting and music. (This is different than the traditional style of Children's Bible Quizzing using questions and answers.) Each of the games is related to, or has been adapted to, the subject of study. Each local church forms a team with 10 members between 7 and 11 years old. This team will be prepared by a coach throughout the year, and participates in demonstrations (competitions) with other churches in which each team demonstrates what they have learned from the Bible through the games that they participate in. However, it should be clear that the goal is to learn the Word of God, not to compete. We trust that this attractive and experiential teaching will allow children to treasure the Word of God in their hearts and that "they will not depart from the right path" even if they leave childhood behind.

Traditional Children's Bible Quizzing is an optional part of Bible Studies for Children. Each church and each child decides whether to participate in a series of competitive events using questions and answers. Quizzing events follow the rules outlined in this book. Children do not compete against each other to determine a single winner. Churches do not compete against each other to determine a winner. The purpose of Quizzing is to help the children to determine what they learned about the Bible, to enjoy the competitive events, and to grow in the ability to display Christian attitudes and Christian behaviors during competitive events.


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