As a result of the numerous activities that we do with children, many children come to our churches, and many of them accept Jesus as their Lord and Savior. But ... what percentage of them continue coming to church? How many of them become Jesus’ disciples?

This Discipleship resource, Friends of Jesus, developed for children 6-11 years old, provides six exciting lessons that the recently converted child will enjoy doing ... activities that will guide them to a close encounter with their new friend Jesus


1. Be a Friend of Jesus

2. It's Good to Be Friends With Jesus!

3. Find the Treasure

4. Learning to Please Jesus

5. Well Done!

6. The Super Team

This resource consists of 2 books - the book for the discipler and the book for the child.

These books are available for free electronic download from this site, or you can purchase physical copies from the Mesoamerica Regional Discipleship Ministries Office, or from

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Friends of Jesus - Discipler's Guide (for copying).pdfDownload 
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