Caring for an infant who starts moving in his or her partial world (crib, playpen, carpet, etc.), and who gradually discovers a larger world with the help of his parents, teachers or other adults close to his environment, becomes a significant task. Hence, this present Christian methodological guide, which you now have in your hands, constitutes a resource drawn up in the light of the Word of God in order to provide you, dear teacher, leader, pastor, etc., with valuable help so that you can adequately serve this age group.

This guide also includes the scopes of theologians, pedagogues and psychologists who, with their important contributions, have helped carry out the development of this book. It is my wish that you will benefit greatly from this material, and that the children's ministry in your local church will bless the lives of many children for the glory of God.

You can download the electronic version of this book for free from this site, or you can purchase a physical copy from the Mesoamerica Region Discipleship Ministries Office, or from


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