Download the Ministry Manuals/Handbooks for the following ministries:

  1. Children's Camp,
  2. Children's Church,
  3. Fullness of Life (Sr. Adults),
  4. Gift of Love (Special Needs),
  5. Marriage Ministries,
  6. Church of the Nazarene Manual (2017-2021),
  7. Men's Ministries,
  8. Single Adult Ministries,
  9. Women's Ministries,
  10. SDMI Handbook (2009-2013) (This handbook is currently being updated.)

Gift of Love Manual 3 - Evangelism and Biblical Teaching Workshop.pptxDownload 
Gift of Love Manual 3 - Evangelism and Biblical Teaching.docxDownload 
Gift of Love Manual 1 - Medical Overview.docDownload 
Women's Ministries Manual.pdfDownload 
Single Adult Ministries handbook.pdfDownload 
SDMI Handbook 2009-13.pdfDownload 
Men's Ministries Manual.pdfDownload 
Marriage Ministries Manual.pdfDownload 
Manual COTN 2017-2021.pdfDownload 
Fullness of Life (Sr. Adult Ministries) Manual.pdfDownload 
Children's Church Manual.pdfDownload 
Children's Camp Manual.pdfDownload