We continue the challenge of studying the Bible that never ceases to amaze us. In it we find new challenges that deserve to be put into practice. We can not teach what to do on every occasion that comes our way, but we can teach guiding principles that can be applied in different situations.

By studying each of the 52 lessons of "The Path of Truth," we will see topics such as:

The Sermon on the Mount today
Knowing the minor prophets
The churches in biblical times -What do we learn from them?

Each of the lessons was written by servants of God from different countries who are involved with the study, practice and teaching of the Word of God.

Take the challenge and start today to share what the Lord has to teach through his blessed book, the Word of God.

This book is available to download for free from this site, or purchase from the Mesoamerica Regional Discipleship Ministries Office, or from Amazon.com

Formats available below include .pdf and e-book formats .mobi and .epub

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