Click Youth Sunday School Teachers Guide – #4 (2019)

On many websites, we find the invitation to "click here." It is like a door to connect to new information. That is why this material is called Click, because the goal is to connect young people with the Word of God. This material is based on the Bible and specially prepared with the young generation [...]

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Basic Discipleship Lessons and Basic Discipleship Lessons – Additional Resources

The 2 resources of Basic Discipleship Lessons, and and its companion book Basic Discipleship Lessons - Additional Resources, have been designed to guide the new believer in their first steps as a disciple of Jesus as they prepare for baptism and then membership in the Church of the Nazarene. Both resources are part of Level [...]

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How to Read the Bible Every Day and Understand It

This booklet will help you in the following ways: 1.    You will be able to appreciate the divine origin of the Scriptures. 2.    You will be instructed as to how the Word of God was written and passed down through the ages. 3.    You will learn important information about the content of the Bible so [...]

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A Deeper Walk Spiritual Formation – New Testament Character Studies

Spiritual Formation is simply the process whereby Christians develop greater spiritual depth and maturity by practicing the spiritual disciplines of Bible reading, prayer, journaling, meditation and Scripture memorization. This edition of A Deeper Walk continues the practice of these personal devotional habits in the context of exploring the lives and spiritual experiences of key Bible [...]

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