SDMI Protection Policy for Children, Youth, and People with Special Needs

The purpose of this policy is to ensure the safety and well being of all boys, girls, and adolescents (BGA), as well as those with special needs, in our care and to safeguard them from all forms of harm, both intentional and unintentional. It will also protect our workers from allegations that can arise from [...]

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Click Youth Sunday School Teachers Guide – #4 (2019)

On many websites, we find the invitation to "click here." It is like a door to connect to new information. That is why this material is called Click, because the goal is to connect young people with the Word of God. This material is based on the Bible and specially prepared with the young generation [...]

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Youth Bible Lessons – Vol 1

52 Weekly Bible lessons for youth and young adults Themes Living the holy life (Weeks 1-5) Finding God’s Will (Weeks 6-9) My faith, your faith (Weeks 10-13) Sermon on the mount (Weeks 14-17) The parables of Jesus (Weeks 18-22) The church (Weeks 23-26) Romans (Weeks 27-31) Family relationships (Weeks 32-35) Avoiding Abusive lifestyles (Weeks 36-39, [...]

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