A group of women in the north of Mexico recently joined forces to produce masks and face shields for medical personnel and other assistants working in clinics with shortages of these items during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Working together with their families, this group is made up of five women representing two Nazarene churches. They have produced a box of 80 face shields and 80 masks that will be distributed to 10 city clinics and 20 rural clinics and are working on producing three more boxes.

“I believe that God prepares us to be used in His time in a powerful way. We asked ourselves what could we do and what need could we meet. God spoke immediately: ‘Use what is in your hands.’ I feel useful in God’s hands. This time has allowed us to perfect our skill and offer it to God for the benefit of those who are facing the virus everyday,” said Marisela Godínez, one of the women working on the project.

Obelia Antonio, who also works on the team, commented: “I saw the need in hospitals and care facilities which were lacking the resources to properly care for persons in the face of this crisis we are experiencing…. We decided to come together as a family and work together out of love for our neighbor and persons in need.”

Another member of the team, Maricela Castillo, is working with her mother. She has provided them with a space in her home to work and also with meals. Maricela said her mother felt very blessed to see her grandchildren, great grandchildren, son-in-law, daughter-in-law and mother-in-law all working on this project. Maricela said: “I thank God for the opportunity He has given me to serve Him with my talent. I never imagined that I could be used in a pandemic to help my neighbour. We have done it as a family, with lots of love and knowing the benefits that it will have. Thanks to God for the team we were able to form as a family to serve Him in this work.”

Cutberto Tenorio of Nazarene Compassionate Ministries in the north of Mexico said, “These acts of kindness towards the needy in this time of COVID-19 are key to leaving a legacy of compassion for coming generations, because their actions are rooted in love and glorify God.”

Source: Cutberto Tenorio, NCM Coordinator in the north of Mexico