Youth Mobilization

Dear Youths

A warm welcome to the website of Youth Mobilization – that is to say, the combined ministry of NYI and Global Mission in the Mesoamerica Region.  This site is being created and designed to serve you in ministry – you deserve it!  We ask that you would be patient in the coming months as we continue to build and edit the website of  Youth Mobilization.  Our hope is to be able to provide you with information and resources that will facilitate your youth ministry on the district and local church levels.

For now, we want to express a profound thanks to you for your prayers and your ministries.  I believe the beating of our hearts is to make Christ-like disciples in the nations.  So let’s keep on evangelizing, discipling, and developing leaders so that God will transform the world through our youth!  I personally thank all of the 85,000+ youth of our 32 nations for the privilege of serving with you in this ministry.



“Through challenge comes growth.”  “Crisis brings opportunity.”  These two phrases have been true for the Youth Mobilization ministry and even for the Armstrong family in the past 18 months.  The challenges of a transition into a new region, the move to Panama, and the marriage of NYI and Global Mission ministries have brought significant growth.

First, I have seen a growing unity among our Regional, Field, and District leaders.  One of the great blessings I have had in the past 2 years has been to minister with our Youth Mobilization team on all levels.  Emily and I have especially prayed daily for the leaders on the Regional NYI Council and our Field GM Coordinators.


Plans and Goals


In the coming decade, one overarching regional strategy will be implemented, which will encompass all ministries and all fields in the making of Christlike Disciples in the nations.  When we speak of Genesis, we denote an emphasis in new areas, new vision, new ministries, and new beginnings.  The focus of Genesis is to by the year 2020 discover, develop and deploy 112 missionaries in teams of 4-6 people who will help start new ministries in 28 sites determined by regional leaders to be areas that are either new to the Church of the Nazarene or have under-reached populations.

Site evaluations and preparation for the first areas of entry are taking place.  Recruitment of volunteers is also under way.  The Holy Spirit touched many lives through the mega-workshop presentation about Genesis during FOCUS and more than 100 people came forward to an altar of prayer, consecrating their lives in service to God as missionaries!  As we follow-up with these and others interested in serving, we are challenged as a region to truly sustain – in prayers and financially – this great army of missionaries in the coming years.


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