God is moving in many different ways in our CA-4 field. The Evangelism Ministry is developing and moving strategically throughout our region, creating expectations for off-the-charts growth and development in leaders with God’s vision and projects in the districts and missional zones. We are praying that each MZP will be an instrument used for God’s glory and for the expansion of His Kingdom. Here, we are presenting some of the ways God is moving in each district and in our beloved Church of the Nazarene.


In July of 2014, from the third until the eighth, we had a group of visitors from Los Angeles, United States. We all went to visit the new missional zone with the newly elected DS, Rev. David Ac, in the Quiche zone. We developed a Maxima Mission project in Chicaman, jurisdiction of the Reina zone. There was a family there who had lost their home in a fire. Hopeless after pic1the tragedy, they received the news that a group would be rebuilding their home, which truly showed God’s love. It turned out to be such a blessing for them. This was incredibly impacting and it allowed us to not only open a new preaching point, but also establish a MTC with three families who had received Christ.

It was truly incredible how much the group impacted the town; they could hardly believe that people from so far away had come to share Christ’s love with them. The children had a special time with games, the REMI presentation, the showing of the JF, and the fellowship we all shared during those days.

This was how we found the home of the Soto Xuc family. The father of this family was hospitalized because of severe burns. The group from LA put all their efforts into building a house in record time in order to bless this family.pic2

While some worked on the reconstruction of this house, others were doing evangelism activities with kids and teens even though it was raining… People really wanted to know what was happening!!

At night, we showed the Jesus Film. The locals and their entire families were watching how Jesus gave his life on the cross. It was a moving scene.

pic3 Some of the people who were receiving Jesus as their personal Savior

They are praying for the people who will receive Jesus into their hearts after the JF.

Our time in Chicaman was as much a blessing for the group from LA as it was for the participants in the event. Today we have a Mission that we are hoping to see become a MTC for God’s glory.

Here are some pictures of how the house turned out at the end of our time there.

Other activities that month:

  1. JF backpack presentation and training
  2. Superintendents and MZP meetings



We visited the West El Salvador districts with Rev. Alexander Castro. We worked with him to distribute the motorcycles as well as to revise the church planting process (Preaching Points) in MZP Martin Cruz’ missional zone. Our goal was to give guidelines and an orientation on how to be more effective in his ministry.

pic4In addition, we visited the Central El Salvador district with our brother, DS Oscar Villanueva, and brother, MZP Eliud Lemus. Our goal was to support them in the planting process for Preaching Points. We were able to take several solid steps toward a new beginning in this project for this year 2014.

Trip to Honduras. We took advantage of having the Regional Coordinator for SDMI, Rev. Monte Cyr, and Rev. Ulises Solis with us at a leaders’ workshop in the Northwest District. We were able to get the MZP together to go over the PP planting process, as well as give them some training in how to present the JF in homes.

We are always tending to the Superintendents and MZP who call us and come through the office, especially for technical issues, the distribution of JF equipment, and also for district and missional zone coordination problems.

Three new districts were blessed with the donation of three laptops to support their ministry:

  1. Northwest District Guatemala
  2. Southwest District Peten
  3. Verapaz South District

pic5  It was a blessing to be able to develop the superintendent ministry since there are several new people who were in need of new resources.

We had a wonderful time of thanksgiving with these three Superintendents who received this great donation from the Regional Evangelism Ministry. Praise the Lord!



We started September off by preparing for our MZP’s second Updating and Renovating Contracts. This took place in the IBN in Coban.

pic6Simultaneously, we coordinated a trip with Rev. Monte Cyr and Rev. Ulises Solis to the Central Honduras District. We were able to bring Discipleship materials as well as promote the JF project and inform them on the happenings in the CA-4 field.

JF project equipment in Coban to MZP Alta Verapaz North District

On September 19 and 20 of 2014, we celebrated our 2nd MZP meeting in the IBN in Coban. MZPs from Honduras, El Salvador, and Guatemala were present. Dr. Bernie Slingerland, coordinator of Evangelism for the Mesoamerica Region, and Rev. Ulises Solis visited us during this meeting.

It was a time of blessing and fellowship. We were challenged to get more involved in God’s Project for our Region through the Jesus Film and through the planting of new Preaching Points. We were trained in how to organize them into churches as well. We received next year’s instructions and goals first-handedly.

Dr. Bernie Slingerland’s participation in the meeting was spot on; he gave us the instructions and the vision for our Region in the church-planting ministry.

We took this time to consecrate and distribute the JF equipment to the MZPs from the Verapaz North District who did not have any yet.

These and many other activities have taken place in order to keep healthy coordination with our Superintendents, Missional Zone Planters, and with the Field and Regional offices.

We praise God for the privilege we have to serve and be a part of this amazing Ministry for the expansion of His Kingdom. It’s also important to mention that in this month we were able to get a car for the Evangelism Ministry in the CA-4 Field. We will be using it for trips for supporting and capacitating all of the districts in our field.

We will continue to work so more people know the Gospel and we will have significant growth in our districts. We will be planting more Preaching Points and organizing them so our God will be exalted through the Church of the Nazarene.

In Christ,

Rev. Roger Lemus