1653716_623180277719823_1538350761_nOn Friday January 31st and February 1st 2014, the First Holiness Summit was held in “Cancha Sixto Escobar” in Barceloneta, Puerto Rico. The theme of the event was “Holiness. Live it and Share it!” On Friday, there was an attendance of over 700 people, mostly young people, who were challenged by General Superintendent, Dr. Jerry Porter, to make Jesus Lord of their lives.

On Saturday, since 8:30 am more than 800 Nazarenes were challenged to live in holiness through the preaching of Former Global Mission Director, Dr. Louie Bustle, Dr. Wilfredo Canales, Professor of Olivet Nazarene University, General Superintendent Dr. Jerry Porter, and Dr. Bryan Wilson, Chicago Central District Superintendent.

Each sermon ended with an altar call to which hundreds of people responded. There were beautiful times of worship, special music by local talent. Besides an anointed communion ceremony, led by Dr. Jerry Porter. The activity ended with a double prayer chain where Nazarenes from both districts joined as one people. We had representative guests from the Wesleyan and the Christian and Missionary Alliance Church. Also, we had Rev. Rene Acosta, District Superintendent of the Dominican Republic Central District. God has started something special in the Church of the Nazarene in Puerto Rico.

This great event was supported financially and with prayer by Dr. Carlos Saenz, Regional Director of the Mesoamerica Region. It was organized by the Puerto Rico West District Superintendent, Rev. Ramon Sierra and  Puerto Rico East District Superintendent, Rev. Olga Y. Robles and a committee composed of pastors and lay people of both districts.

The challenge was accepted. Now the challenge is impacting Puerto Rico with the holiness message as a lifestyle for every Nazarene of this beautiful island.

Information provided by: Rev. Andres Hernandez, pastor at Casa de Proclamacion y Alabanza Church of the Nazarene, Puerto Rico.