Leadership Training – Petion-ville, Haiti.

28th – 30th August 2015

MILLION LEADERS MANDATE, the leadership training books series of John Maxwell, was once again the training tool used to teach the members of NYI, NMI and SDMI of the Nazarene Church in Haiti. Like the last seven years, August 2015 was a month much hoped for the different leaders of the three ministries of the Nazarene Church in Haiti. It is the discovery of the book 3 of the second volume of this series that arms leaders to be engaged and prepared for the progress of the Christian community and more precisely of the Nazarene Church in Haiti.

The leaders of different districts was present in order to participate in these training sessions, which took place from Friday, August 28th to Sunday, August 30th, 2015. Pastors, youth, ministry leaders, and others made the move to come to listen the Discipleship Ministries Regional Coordinator and trainer, Rev. Monte Cyr who for eight years has trained leaders of the Church of the Nazarene throughout Haiti. With the exception of two districts, the North East and the North West districts, all districts have sent delegates of NYI, NMI and SDMI. A total of 75 participants followed the presentation with attention about “The 360 Degree Leader” theme treated in the notebook 3 of the Volume II of the book above mentioned.

This year our speaker, Rev. Monte Cyr, an untirable and dedicated leader in developing leaders in Haiti, had training on leadership in the book 1 of volume 1 to superintendents and delegates from all of the districts 3 days before our training sessions.  As mentioned before, our training sessions involved the leaders of the three ministries of the Nazarene Church in Haiti NYI, SDMI and NMI. Monte kept the participants awake and involved in the discussions to better understand the concept of 360̊ leader.

It was very enriching moments that allowed leaders to understand and discuss about the 360̊  Leader that included some practical teaching on how to influence the leaders above them, the ones at their same level and the ones below them (under their authority).

We also had many good moments of praise and worship time to the Lord with the musical band from Nazarene Church of Jacquet, TAJ (Totally Attached to Jesus) and as well some meditations on the word of God by some devoted servants. As always, this was a very valuable time for leaders to thank God for His many blessings and especially for the opportunity He gives us to have these important training sessions on leadership.

We thank God for his grace and his faithfulness to us and especially to the Nazarene church of Haiti. A warm thanks to our beloved trainer Rev. Monte Cyr who by his love and care conveys the values ​​of a good leader. Thanks to the coordinator of the Haiti field, the Rev. Pierre Ornan Audain for his dedication and encouragement in the realization of this activities, thanks to our interpreters, Rev. Pierre Ornan Audain, bro. Kesner Absolu, bro. Marc Versil, Past. Pierre Ernst Jacques. Thanks to all the members of the Haiti field NYI council for their cooperation and dedication to the success of this training.

Report prepared by Yverose Diogene