In the midst of the pandemic, the leaders of Evangelism and Nazarene Youth International (NYI), continue training the church to keep making Christlike disciples. In partnership with Dynamic Church Planting International (DCPI) they have trained and challenged more than 300 people, both church planters and young people, to plant new churches.

Through online platforms they have presented workshops such as: NexGen Challenge, a workshop that challenges young people to embrace and be included in church planting; Essentials of Church Planting; Mentoring Church Planters; and the most recent, Church at Home.

This last one ended Tuesday, July 21st, with the participation of some 30 people, including the evangelism coordinator from Cuba.

“Many of the young people who have participated are planning on planting digital churches using diverse available platforms; without losing the essential: to be a Christian, holy, and missional church,” said Jerson Chupina with Evangelism and NYI Communications.

The ministry’s vision is to plant 5 million dynamic churches.

“We are contributing our grain of sand so that this vision can become reality. This time of crisis has helped us renew our vision, prepare us, and preach Jesus to this generation,” said Chupina.

Jamileth Hernández Solís, one of the workshop participants, shared:

“I am living in Cancún, Quintana Roo, México, right now and for me, taking the DCPI courses has totally impacted my life. Every session completely surpassed my expectations and also changed my outlook about church planting and how to involve the youth of my generation, regardless of age. That was one of the points that most motivated me.
The quality and dedication of each of the instructors who taught us throughout the course was significant. In them, I observed a passionate model of the vision. It was a challenging experience and I am anxiously waiting for this worldwide situation we are in to end so I can put everything I have learned into practice and get involved in church planting in my city because the work still continues.”

“In the midst of a crisis, the Church does not stop,” said Chupina, who also said that the Regional Evangelism and NYI coordinator has guided the team toward the fulfilling of the Great Commission. “We have worked more than ever, equipping and training new leaders on the Mesoamerica Region,” he ended.

Source: Mesoamerica Evangelism and NYI Communications Team