In this season of pandemic, the church is serving families most affected by the crisis in different ways. Stephanie Sanchez, a young member of the Church of the Nazarene in Tibás, Costa Rica, is exchanging her art for food that is then delivered to families in the community. Here, she shares more about this project called “Stephy Art.”

“Hello, my name is Stephanie Sanchez from Tibás, Costa Rica and a member of the Nazarene Church of that area.

As a consequence of Covid-19, my family, like many others, was directly affected by the labor and economic aspects, but we saw the hand of God at every moment, even until now.

Generally, as a family we help people who are in need and because of this situation we have been a little sad because we might not have the resources to collaborate or contribute in one way or another. My dad has been an artistic craft painter for over 40 years and I inherited that beautiful gift.

One day in my room, seeing my walls full of drawings that I had done some time ago, the Lord said to me, “You don’t need money, I have given you gifts and talents; use them! So I decided to open my Facebook page: “Stephy Art” promoting the exchange of a drawing for basic household necessities. The initiative received great support and to date 19 packages have been delivered, including food and cleaning products for families who, like me, have been directly affected by this situation. 12 packages have been delivered in the vicinity of Tibás, 4 that have traveled to other areas, and 3 that have been given to organizations that are actively working in the same way.

The most beautiful thing of all is that “Stephy Art” is the union of many hands, behind this there is a support team that has been a great blessing; my dad helps me with the outline of some drawings, my mom helps by putting together the packages and organizing the ítems; my boyfriend always makes his time and car available for the exchanges; my pastors help me identify the families to share each package with much wisdom and love; the leaders of our Nazarene Compassionate Ministries of my local Church help me with delivery logistics when the family is already identified.

As you can see, we are a tool through many hands! God has been good and the initiative will continue as long as the Lord allows it. We all can help in one way or another in the middle of this time. ”

For its part, the Church has also delivered packages of basic necessities, many of them were complemented by “Stephy Art,” said Yorleny Herz, who along with her husband, Walter Caravaca, pastor the congregation in Tibás.

She also said that Stephanie bakes and that she has collaborated with the church giving workshops, and contributing in different ways.

“She always collaborates  by helping with the decorations of different events in the church. Her dad has also collaborated with beautiful scenery. Steph has served in various ministries in our congregation; but if there is something to highlight, it is undoubtedly her compassionate heart; and those beautiful adults in the congregation who are willing to support her in ‘everything she undertakes’, as a sister in Christ, as her pastors and the Church, we are very grateful to God to have her among us, and to be able to grow together, even in these times of pandemic,” Pastor Yorleny Herz said.

Source: Yorleny Herz G.