Monte Tabor was one of the communities most affected by Hurricane lota in Nicaragua; several families from the Church of the Nazarene in that zone suffered flooding in their houses and material losses.

The many needs of this community led a group of young Nazarenos Voluntarios en Acción, (Nazarene Volunteers in Action, NVA in Spanish) to gather and organize a visit to help out by clearing the streets of trash and fallen trees. They also repaired damaged potable water pipes and clean houses that had flooded. Several inhabitants of the area joined the in this important work.

“It is beautiful to see how Christians can be light even in difficult moments such as the current one Central America is going through, that’s why we want to encourage you all that no matter where you are you bring hope to those who need it most,” said Cristofer Jaime, part of the NVA team.

The country’s Central District team is preparing the donations that the church and community have brought to the district office to carry out a series of trips to the most affected areas to bring food, clothing, and other basic necessities.

We continue to be united in prayer for Nicaragua and for all the Nazarenes who are serving in the affected zones. Remember that you too can join in the efforts to help from anywhere at: