In December the leadership of Nazarene Compassionate Ministries (NCM) of the Mesoamerica Region celebrated a Christmas party called “The Light has Come!” with the participation of 394 children and partners of the Child Development Center programs. Participants from various parts of the region were able to participate virtually.

Many children were unable to connect, but the ministry made sure to celebrate with them differently so that everyone was a part. To date, some 1,750 children are part of the NCM program.

“We celebrated the birth of Jesus, who came to illuminate our lives even in the midst of so much chaos, and we also celebrated the lives of our children who, in the midst of all the difficulties generated by COVID-19, have been very brave.” Said Dhariana Balbuena, regional coordinator of the ministry.

The children received an invitation (which they could also color) and a gift which they opened at the end of the party. During the celebration they sang, watched a puppet show, played games, listened to stories, among other activities.

Source: Dhariana Balbuena, MNC regional coordinator.