The Mesoamerica Region joins in thanks for the lives of missionaries Shelley and David Webb and their 15 years of service to the region. They have served in Guatemala, Costa Rica, Panama, Nicaragua and Mexico.

The Webbs began their missionary service on 1st August 2005 and completed on 22nd June 2021. They will now take up a new ministry assignment in the South Texas District of the United States.

Webbs’ testimony: Where He Leads, We Follow

We are so thankful to Church of the Nazarene, Global Missions and the Mesoamerica Region for more than 15 wonderful years of serving God and the church in Guatemala, Costa Rica, Panama, Nicaragua and Mexico.

We have worked with the most wonderful pastors, leaders and missionaries throughout the Region, and they taught us so much about servant leadership.  Not only that, but they also provided amazing examples to our two kids of how to live the Christian life.  The examples we have seen have impacted our lives and have made us better followers of Jesus.

From mixing concrete with Work and Witness teams, to making disciples alongside local pastors, to driving through rivers to reach the most isolated, it has been a wonderful adventure.

But the missions adventure is not ending here.  We are on a new adventure, doing a similar kind of mission work in the Rio Grande Valley with the South Texas District.

We never would have guessed all the amazing people and places we would serve as Global Missionaries, and we are thankful for every one of you.

Where He leads, we follow.

Let’s pray for this couple and their family during this time of transition.