The Windward Islands district held its district rally on Sunday, October 24, under the theme: “Proving God; Impacting our communities in a global pandemic”.

All three islands, Grenada, St. Lucia and St. Vincent, were able to participate in this virtual rally. It was primarily a time of praise and thanksgiving to God for keeping the district, despite the many challenges experienced because of the global pandemic.

The exhortation given by Minister Stefrine Durrant encouraged all to go and tell others about the free salvation of God and to fulfill the great commission. Words of encouragement also came from the District Superintendent Rev. Kelron Harry and the District NMI president Sister Jonquil Cadougan, who outlined the many ways the district has proven God’s faithfulness and the countless reasons for giving thanks to God.

Grenada was specially commended for their increase in the number of churches from two to five and the number of persons being added to the church, even during this time of great restriction on movement and general lock downs in that country.

“We have proven that God is indeed great and greatly to be praised”.

Source: Jonquil Cadougan, District NMI president.