The Córdoba Christian Church of the Nazarene in Veracruz, Mexico, held its first baptisms in December as a result of the work carried out during the pandemic. Five people made their faith public through baptism during a time of joy and praise to God for what He has been doing through His people.

“I went through a difficult time in my life, and I did not imagine the great blessing that God was preparing for me through that trial,” said Carilú Pimentel, a woman who was baptized. “For me, having made that decision marked a new beginning in my life. I began to live in total dependence on God. I began to understand that everything is from Him and for Him.”

The Cordoba Christian church is a new congregation that was formed shortly before the start of the pandemic. The pandemic arrived just after they had found a place to meet, so the facilities were closed by their tenant.

However, the services continued to be held from the home of pastors Roberto Carlos and Dalia Martínez via live broadcasts hosted on the church’s social networks. At the end of 2021, the congregation created small groups through different digital platforms to help develop leaders and begin the process of discipleship.

“The Christian Church of Córdoba thanks God, who has been faithful at all times, even in the midst of pandemic uncertainty,” Carlos said.