After several meetings with engineer Howard Andruejol, president of e625 Institute, on July 1, 2021, an agreement was signed to establish the guidelines for the joint work between SENDAS and e625 toward the development of children and youth leaders on the region. E625 (Especialidades 625) was established with the purpose of resourcing pastors, leaders, and parents through education, books, and seminars throughout the Spanish-speaking world.

As it relates to educational training, the renowned Institute e625, under the excellent vision of Dr. Lucas Leys and his team, prepares Hispanic church leaders via online education to develop them in different areas of ministerial work. Currently they offer 5 diplomas in the areas of leadership and ministry management, children’s ministry, pre-adolescent ministry, adolescent ministry, and youth ministry. The agreement establishes that SENDAS will accept these diplomas so that persons receiving them can continue studying toward the bachelor’s in theology degree with our institution with either the emphasis of youth ministry or holistic development of children and adolescence. They will also be allowed to continue studies toward the master’s degree in theology with an emphasis in family orientation if they desire to do so.

We would like to deeply thank e625 Institute president and engineer, Howard Andruejol, for his management of the institute, Jazmin Castellon who is the coordinator of the academic department, and especially Dr. Lucas Leys for initiating this wonderful adventure which today joins SENDAS as an ally in the formation of Christian families.