Around 120 pastors, and leaders representing 25 Nazarene churches on the West Mexico District, gathered for the “Launch” conference with the main objective of helping them collaborate on a growth plan for churches on the district.

The conference was held on March 18-19 in Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico, as part of the growth strategy for leadership on the western district of the country.

Leonardo Peralta, district superintendent, said that they have participated in many conferences, getting training, and becoming familiar with tools to facilitate the advance of the work of evangelism in their communities, but in general they have remained as ideas. “The idea is to help each local church come up with a working plan, defined by the vision that God has given its pastor and that together they can realize it during this year,” said Peralta. “It’s about trying to help the leaders to “launch” their projects. Through the direction of evangelism ministry, we project that his conference, with God’s blessing, will produce a new dynamic of work and participation in local churches.

The workshops were led by elders Isamel Martines, pastor of the First Church of the Nazarene in Monterrey; Josue Barrera, pastor of the Etla church; and Mario Mejia, pastor of the Alpha church and district director of evangelism.

Tools were presented to facilitate the work of outreach and growth such as Next-Gen; Ready, Set, Go, and Alpha.

During the workshops, participants worked on crafting their vision developing a working plan. Later, each church publicly read their vision and committed to work toward finishing it.

Source:  Zoé Luna, Church of the Nazarene News, Mexico Oaxaca Norponiente district.