Mesocentral Field

Made up of Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Panama, the Dominican Republic, Cuba and Puerto Rico. Carlos de la Cruz is the FSC. The theological education institution that will serve this Field will be SENDAS.


Listening for God’s Holy Whisper

August 30th, 2022|0 Comments

Listening for God's Holy Whisper What I learned when I heard the words I didn’t want to hear By Sherry Surratt Some days we need a cheerleader … Someone to say, “Keep going, you can [...]

Jorge Baños
Jorge BañosEvangelism Coordinator
Evangelism is focused on proclaiming the gospel in new and creative ways to reach those who do not know Christ.
Marta Gonzalez
Marta Gonzalez Sunday School and Dicipleship Ministries Coordinator
Focused on carrying out the Great Commission among children, youth and adults in preparation for a lifetime of Christian holiness.
Tammy Soto
Tammy Soto Nazarene Missions International Coordinator
MNI promotes missions in each local church and has the goal that missions and mobilization are put into action.
Gabriela Bustos
Gabriela BustosNazarene Youth International Coordinator
Focused on three strategies: evangelism, discipleship, leadership development with the youth of the field.
Chelsea Fry
Chelsea FryGlobal Missions Coordinator
Global Missions focus on Finding, Training, and Sending more missionaries from the Meso Central field.
AJ Fry
AJ FryCommunications Coordinator
Communications uses the website, videos, radio, podcasts, social media, and more to connect the churches in the Meso Central field and win more people for the Kingdom of God.
Ana Betsy Baños
Ana Betsy BañosFinance Coordinator
Working with the finances of the field to support the gospel grow.