If you are interested in becoming a missionary, we want to know!  Even if you are still trying to figure things out and simply want more information, let us accompany you on your journey today!

The Church of the Nazarene deploys missionaries from everywhere to everywhere! We have two deployment types: Sponsored Deployment and Global Deployment. Watch this short video to discover the differences in these deployment types.

Current Missionary Assignments

Discover information about missionary assignments that are currently accepting missionary application

Are you interested in a specific country or people group? Do you have specific gifting that fulfills a need on the mission field?

Click here to see the most current listing of missionary needs around the world.

Mesoamerica Genesis

Discover information about participating as a missionary in Genesis, the Mesoamerica initiative to impact the city

Are you interested in the urban church? Do you want to make Christlike disciples in the highest population cities of the Mesoamerica Region?

Click here for more information about Genesis.

Submitting an application for missionary service in the Church of the Nazarene is not like any other job you’ve ever applied for – application simply means you are at a point in your journey (Yep, I’m called and I’ve been developing my call for some time now!) that you are ready to continue obedience to God’s call by submitting to be a CANDIDATE for missionary service.  Candidacy is an evaluation process in which the Global Missions team will come alongside you as a missionary candidate, and walk you though the process of interviews and building your missionary portfolio.

  • What is the candidacy process?

  • Contact the Global Missions Mesoamerica Team
  • Fill out the 4 page Exploring Missions Form
  • Build your portfolio with interviews, references, physical and mental health clearances

  • Global Missions Mesoamerica presents your profile for consideration for assignment